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About Us

Life Beat

LifeBeat is a healthcare wearable technology, that will provide through a long-term monitoring treatment the possibility of conditions that aren’t diagnosed early, through an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a Predictive Analysis in an AI platform to be treated.  Our main goal is to monitor health conditions and prevent health crises (e.g. heart attack, cancer) for people of any age, improving their life quality, promoting health and well-being by building a data management system that can be used with any device globally improving technology in the healthcare system worldwide. And as time passes, will increase the amount of data available for any conditions and diseases. Having more resources to establish a further correlation between data or groups of data and disease.

What is our technology

Through an Artificial Intelligence and a Predictive Analysis on its proprietary AI Platform, LifeBeat will screen and analyze vital critical factors used in any wearable device.

Technology Support

We will support you in all the processes to develop and create an infrastructure to connect to LifeBeat platform and devices. Including optimizing the mobile devices, health applications, and the ethical usage of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Optimize Relationship

Create the best relationship between you and your Health Care providers or Health Insurance, with actions to automate all the data "live" gathering & permanent analysis, making their and your life easier.

Easy handling

We ensure that the use of any new device will be implemented and master a fully integrated solution, being "ease of use" for everyone. Even in the creation of new devices, e.g. Pulse devices (SOWT )

What are the advantages
of the Life Beat Project

Nowadays, retirement/care homes are very costly in most countries, and most seniors want to live at home and be self-sufficient as long as they can. Even with some health challenges, they continue to expect to live a quality everyday life. With our AI platform, LifeBeat will assist them to achieve this. However, a significant % of seniors are connected and use technology quite well, our project will help those that don’t have such facilities with a Technology Support. Other main advantages are:

A current problem

In 2005, 19% to 46% of medical mistakes where system related errors. That means situations in which the error is due to a failure in the processes of the institution where the doctor works. And this failure can be technical failures, missing features, wrong exams, overload and high volume of patients, and especially errors in data collection and  wrong exams.

Why our solution

Our team aims to remove barriers to accessing cutting-edge technology in healthcare, Big Data, Deep/Machine Learning, and wearable devices. Building a data management system that can be used with any device to monitor health conditions in general. Our strategy is: 

 Research, develop, and integrate device components and achieve a data management system integrated with any healthcare wearable device.

Develop Pulse device.

Test and evaluate a final prototype.

Future development and identifying health issues that can be addressed by our solution

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